Back Up Sensor

You are great in handling and driving your car. However, even with your rearview mirror, you just can’t do your parking right. And you tend to bump your car on unseen obstructions, which leads you to damaging your car and paying for damages. If this is your problem as a driver, what you need is a quality back up censor to aid you and your car. These back up censors measure the proximity of your car to another object or obstruction. Furthermore, this car accessory uses either electromagnetic or ultrasonic sensors to alert you of the said obstructions.

With our experienced team of experts at car installation, Sonic Sound is more than capable to deliver the back up censor service to your car. We even help you look for the perfect censor that will match well with your car. Whatever specification you may have regarding your installation, the Sonic Sound team will do everything to make that happen.

Sonic Sound is your one-stop car shop for your back up censor installation needs. Visit us in Arlington, Virginia for a car consultation. You can also call us. Our people are more than happy to accommodate your inquiries.