Car lights must be one of the most important features of your vehicle, especially at night. It is important to have the best lighting there is in the industry. Even when your car audio is not working properly or your windshield wipers are all going the wrong way, your car lights should be in pristine condition. If you think that your car lights are not working properly, do not hesitate to arrange to get a newer, most advanced one.

Sonic Sound provides you with the latest HID lighting other necessary accessories for your car. With our skilled installers and high tech HID lighting, we can turn your car lights into high frequency beams, ideal for your night road trips. We can do this and more, depending on your other requests or specifications.

Give us a call now, or contact us in person at our shop in Arlington, Virginia. You don't want to be caught dead with broken lights. See us for consultations, and we'll discuss your car's condition.