Accessories are always there to provide variety. When you are tired of the monotonous outline of your vehicle, the good old accessories will pull it out of its dull pit. Sonic Sound provides quality installation of rims, car/truck, and SUV accessories. We specialize in vehicular installation of all kinds. Our skilled professionals are always keen to perfect any kind of rims, car/truck, or SUV accessory.

Sonic Sound's more than a decade of installation experience has made us more than capable to administer your vehicle's need for additional accessories. Our professionals are always willing to listen to our customers' specifications. You only have to say the specific accessory you want, choose the spot in your vehicle where you want to put it, and Sonic Sound will do the rest-installation, finishing, everything.

Call Sonic Sound at your earliest convenience. You can also visit us at Arlington, Virginia, for accessory installation or any consultation regarding your vehicle.